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Online mediation Hampshire offers an alternative dispute resolution saving you the time, cost and hassle to travel.

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Facilitating Long Distance Mediation!

MIAMS Hampshire online mediation is helping people to make the best possible agreement during the separation or  during any family dispute.

When the things get rough in your relationship with your loved ones, then it becomes impossible to stay together.

Even separation can cost a lot, court proceedings and legal battles can be costly sometimes.

If you are worried about the cost of separation or parenting issues that need to be resolved, the best option for you is to go for online mediation. It is cheaper and a more economic method for the people to resolve the issues.

Long before online mediation was commonplace, traditional face to face mediation was the only approach for the people to resolve their case or dispute outside the court. This meant restrictions around time, geography, work, commitments and even conflict in the relationship.

Previous to mediation even for  simple asset division people the court was once the only option but now MIAMS Hampshire has made all this much more  achievable.

Today, the mediation has reached to a new level and it can resolve any issue you name. The only thing which is required  for mediation is that you are willing to resolve your case and want to reach to an agreeable agreement.

If you are not making any attempt to resolve your case outside the court, then you are actually wasting your time and effort. I am not saying it just like that, mediation is actually a more convenient and more efficient that other methods.

Mediation Hampshire is becoming a crucial part of the negotiation process for divorce, separation and child issues and online mediation options are able to help that.

Online mediation is a from of mediation that is carried out online via Teams of Zoom, It gives you greater flexibility You can contact your partner and ask him/her about the time schedule and then during the mediation session you will be on the video conference and things will slowly get sorted.

If you need, then you can even talk to your mediator privately, so that any confusion is no there. So, now you know that over a Skype meeting you can solve all your disputes and may be in just a few sessions you will be able to draft a settlement agreement.

Online Mediation offers the best way to resolve family conflict in a safe space. Contact MIAMS  Hampshire today to know more details about online mediation. Send our team an email HERE

FAQ - Long Distance Mediation

What is long distance mediation? Long distance mediation, also known as remote mediation, involves resolving disputes between parties who are in different locations using technology such as video conferencing, phone calls, and online platforms. It allows for flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for individuals who are physically distant to engage in the mediation process.

How does body language play a role in virtual mediation? Body language is an essential component of communication, even in virtual mediation. Trained mediators are skilled at reading subtle cues through video conferencing to understand emotions and intentions. Although some nuances may be missed compared to in-person meetings, video tools like Zoom and FaceTime allow for significant non-verbal communication.

What is divorce mediation? Divorce mediation is a collaborative process where a neutral mediator helps divorcing couples negotiate terms such as asset division, child access , and support arrangements. It is a cost-effective and amicable alternative to court cases.

How do you conduct an assessment meeting in virtual mediation? An assessment meeting, often referred to as a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) in the UK, can be conducted via video conferencing or phone calls. This meeting helps determine if mediation is suitable for the parties involved and provides essential information about the process.

Can I receive legal advice during mediation? While mediators provide guidance on the mediation process, they do not offer legal advice. Parties are encouraged to seek independent legal advice to understand their rights and options. In collaborative law, parties work with their lawyers to reach an agreement, and legal advice is integrated into the process.

What are the benefits of virtual mediation for those in different cities? Virtual mediation eliminates the need for travel, reducing costs and time associated with physical distance. It allows individuals from different cities or even countries to participate, making the process more convenient and accessible.

What online platforms are used for virtual mediation? Common platforms for virtual mediation include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and FaceTime. These platforms support video conferencing, screen sharing, and secure communication.

What is the cost of mediation compared to court cases? Mediation is generally less expensive than court litigation. The cost of mediation varies depending on the mediator’s fees and the number of sessions required. Legal aid may be available for those who qualify, and schemes like the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme in England and Wales can help cover costs.

What is shuttle mediationShuttle mediation involves the mediator communicating with each party separately, either in different rooms or via separate video calls. This method is useful when direct interaction is challenging due to conflict levels or emotional distress.

Can mediation help with family relocation issues? Yes, mediation can address relocation disputes by facilitating open dialogue and helping parents find common ground on moving arrangements and maintaining relationships with children.

How does remote mediation maintain confidentiality and privacy? Remote mediation platforms use secure, encrypted connections to protect confidentiality. Mediators are trained to ensure that sessions remain private and that all communications are secure.

What if I need to involve family members in the mediation? Family members can participate in mediation if all parties agree and it is deemed helpful by the mediator. Virtual mediation makes it easier to include relatives who are in different locations.

How is accessibility ensured in virtual mediation? Virtual mediation provides greater accessibility for individuals with mobility issues, those living in remote areas, or those with tight schedules. Internet access and familiarity with online platforms are essential for participation.

How does the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme work? In England and Wales, the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme provides financial assistance to cover the cost of mediation for eligible families, making it more affordable for those who need it.

What should I do if my ex-partner and I are interested in mediation? Contact a trained mediator to schedule a MIAM and discuss the mediation process. It’s essential to provide information about your situation and any legal advice you’ve received to help the mediator assess the suitability of mediation for your case.

By utilizing modern technology and adhering to a structured process, long distance mediation offers a viable solution for resolving conflicts efficiently and amicably, regardless of physical distance. Speak to the MIAMS Hampshire mediation team today.

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