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Here at MIAMS Mediation Stafford we are your local and trusted mediators.

Offering fast appointments to sort out your disputes we can help you resolve issues around finances, child access, pensions and more.

Family Mediation Stafford

Family mediation Stafford provide a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving disputes with your ex partner.

Through an impartial mediator, couples can discuss their differences in a safe and supportive environment.

This ensures that both parties have equal opportunity to express their perspectives and come to an agreement that is best for everyone involved.

Your family mediator will be able to offer child inclusive mediation to help resolve most family dispute around children and is a more cost effective alternative for financial matters and look at splitting other assets fairly so that solutions last for many years.

Legal aid mediation services led by our qualified mediators will speak to other party involved and mediation service and all issues related to the dispute.

Mediation also offers couples the ability to preserve communication, enabling them to better negotiate their own solutions without the need for court involvement or costly legal fees.

It also allows couples to take ownership of the decisions they make without feeling coerced or pressured by either party.

With family mediation services in Stafford, couples can easily reach an agreement that reflects their needs while taking into account the best interests of any children involved.

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Benefits of Family Mediation Stafford:

1. Cost-Effective: Mediation in Stafford is a cost-effective way to navigate conflicts, as it eliminates the need to go through expensive court processes.

2. Confidentiality: The MIAMS process takes place in a private setting and information is not shared with those outside of the mediation process.

3. Flexibility: Mediation can be tailored to the needs of each family and can be held at any point during the dispute resolution process.

4. Relational Preservation: Through mediation, families are able to communicate more effectively and strengthen relationships that may have been strained by conflict.

5. Positive Outcome: Studies have shown that families who engage in family mediation tend to reach mutually determined resolutions with higher satisfaction rates than those who used traditional court processes