MIAMS Mediation Mansfield

Are you reeling after a break up? Finances in a mess?

Unable to sort adequate child care? Need to arrange better suitable living arrangements?

Unable to communicate with your ex partner effectively? Here at MIAMS Mediation Mansfield we are able to help contact us today!

Family Mediation Mansfield

Here at MIAMS Family Mediation Mansfield we offer a variety of benefits to those seeking to resolve family disputes.

We provide an impartial, non-judgmental space for families to discuss their disagreements in an open and honest environment.

This helps to ensure that all parties have their voices heard and that no one is intimidated or silenced.

In addition, our accredited mediators at MIAMS are highly trained professionals who work with families to ensure that all sides are given equal consideration and respect.

We also offer conflict resolution skills, such as communication techniques and strategies for effective negotiation, which can help parties reach mutually beneficial solutions to their disputes.

Finally, MIAMS mediation is less expensive than litigation and is typically more private than court proceedings, allowing families to maintain their privacy while settling any outstanding issues.

Mediation, Mansfield

Mediation is a way to resolve child access and custody issues without going through traditional court proceedings.

When parents are unable to agree on the terms of their child access agreement, they can turn to legal aid mediation in order to come to an amicable agreement.

Mediation is an informal process that uses a neutral third party (the mediator) to facilitate discussions between the two sides and help them reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme is an initiative which helps families access quality-assured family mediators and can receive up to £500 in mediation support toward family mediation

The scheme provides free vouchers that cover part or all of the cost of family mediation services. In addition Legal Aid support is available. Speak to our mediators to find out more.

Through the mediation process you will be able to resolve disputes in a cost effective and calm manner.

In the mediation service our experienced mediators will follow family law so that mediation can help resolve family dispute safely. Our team are all parts of the mediation council and our team will look at all issues related to your disagreement for example with financial mediation we will look at all areas and other assets around the issues related to that dispute. If you would like to start your case contact us NOW.

To find out more about the mediation voucher scheme and Legal Aid eligibility contact our accredited mediators today.